Friday, November 04, 2005

"What's a Bendis?"

About, oh, a week ago, my wife stole a glance over my shoulder at a certain website I was reading, and asked me the above-stated question with a slightly disapproving tone. Though I'm sure I've mentioned Brian Michael Bendis from time to time in our years together, he's far from a household name. (And she, as much of a comic book skeptic as I am a reality show skeptic, probably tuned it out anyway.) She probably couldn't tell a Bendis or a Brubaker from an Ennis or an Ellis either, and she'd just as probably be proud of that fact.

[PLEASE NOTE: She has, of course, a nearly overwhelming amount of redeeming factors which more than make up for this one small flaw.]

But for those of us that can tell the difference, and who, to use an old, and true, and cliched phrase, love the comic-book medium almost as much as life itself, there is nothing like New Comic Day -- whether it comes every Wednesday, or in my particular case, the first Wednesday of every month.

And after I've read my way down through to the bottom of this month's comics stack, I can think of few things I'd like to do more than to share my love of the medium with others, and discuss the finer points of what's been going on, and speculate wildly about the plans for the future.

Welcome to LOWBROWMEDIA, where I and my good friend Jon, who will drop by to introduce himself shortly, hope to do just that.

More to come, and soon.