Thursday, March 01, 2012

An Atrocious Undertaking - A Genres & Judgements Mixture

"Then I reflected that everything happens to a man precisely, precisely now."
- Jorge Luis Borges, The Garden Of Forking Paths

These 12 songs were either discovered during the first two months of 2012 (tracks 1-5 and 7), or have been filed away for longer than I can recall  in my "For Future Mixes" folder I've built over the last two years (tracks 6 and 8-12). That folder had gotten obnoxiously large, so I decided to sort the songs by their tonality so I'd have a better chance of clearing it out this year. As a result, I think it's safe to say this mix is a little less schizophrenic than my others have been. For this one, songs I felt were best classified as "atmosphere" music were collected, so they're a little more on the low-key side (although presenting them as low key feels misleading; perhaps you, the listener, can better discern how they should be described). Hope you like.

Track list and streaming links available after the jump.
01. The Flaming Lips (feat. Erykah Badu, Siri & Biz Markie) - Now I Understand
02. How To Destroy Angels - Is Your Love Strong Enough? (Bryan Ferry cover)
03. Max Richter - On The Nature Of Daylight
04. White Denim - Street Joy
05. Teruyuki Nobuchika - Lastly
06. Malcolm McLaren - About Her
07. Chromatics - Into The Black (Neil Young cover)
08. Radiohead - Mk2
09. Surfer Blood - Drinking Problem (Speculator remix)
10. Tim Hecker - The Piano Drop
11. Daniel Lanois - Sonho Dourado
12. The Antlers - On The Roof

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