Tuesday, November 10, 2009

TV Tweets: Nov. 2 - 9

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Nov. 3rd [Bored to Death]
  • Found out about a new band (for me) via this week's Bored to Death -- The Explorers Club. Well worth an iTunes purchase.
Still digging them a week later. I think Brian Wilson must've had some illegitimate children in South Carolina 20-30 years ago during his fat, crazy period. Also, another very good ep of Bored to Death. Looking forward to season 2.

Nov. 4th [V]
  • I'm not particularly interested in V, so unless people start freaking out over how good it is, I won't be watching it.

Nov. 6th [30 Rock]
  • I wonder if there'll be an episode of 30 Rock this year that doesn't have a random celebrity cameo...

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