Monday, November 16, 2009

TV Tweets: Nov. 9 - 16

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Season 3
Mad Men spoilers right off the bat.

Nov. 9th [Mad Men]
Ug, I was so sad to not have a new episode to watch this week. This show is consistently phenomenal; definitely the best thing on TV right now.
As my post illustrates, it wasn't perfect, but at least Kinsey got one more laugh in there on the off chance we don't see him again. Oh, and I can't wait to say "Very good! Happy Christmas!" all holiday season this year.
Wow...what a dream team. Season 4 can't come soon enough.

Nov. 12th [Dollhouse]
  • Dammit. Just as it starts getting good, #Dollhouse gets canceled.

Nov. 13th
[Friday Night Lights]
I keed, I keed. But that little girl looks weird, no?
Anyway, this show is finding its legs again following the major overhaul of the cast.
When the credits roll up, I hate it with this show more than any other in recent memory. It's never long enough. Behind only Mad Men on the best-things-airing-right-now list.

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