Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reaction to the Lost Finale: Leon Takes Us Outside

I’m not quite sure why I’m writing this.  You see, I never really got into Lost, having been made to endure the first season a few years back on DVD.  By endure I don’t mean that it was a wholly unpleasant experience, however with all of the build up that was heaped upon the show I was left with a very “meh” feeling after.  It should also be said that I was made to watch it all over a two day period having spent three days on the road from Los Angeles for Christmas holiday.  It’s possible that tainted my experience.
In any case, it’s kind of surprising the show didn’t hook me.  It had elements that would have drawn me in otherwise.  First, you had average people in extraordinary circumstances.  Second, there were the oh so mysterious mysteries.  Third, there was Terry O’Quinn who I loved in Chris Carter’s other TV show (no, not Harsh Realm), Millennium.  None of these things helped me overcome the inertia I felt for the show.  Even later when I dropped in for a few minutes with various episodes, I caught glimpses of things that probably should have piqued my curiosity but didn’t really do anything for me,  “Oh, look, why is he turning that thing and why did the island just disappear?”
Now I’m immersed in the zeitgeist over the shows finale as familiar names are flung around, mingled with others that mean little to nothing to me.  Is this the final straw?  The one that makes me run out and buy/rent/borrow the multiple seasons that are available on Blu-Ray or DVD?  Not just yet.  I’m thinking that at some point in the future I might give this show a shot.  Once all of the smoke has cleared and the ashes have settled to the ground, and everyone has stopped talking about it, I’ll quietly sit down and give it a go.  Maybe then I can find myself Lost.