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TV Tweets: April 26 - May 22

Well, maybe NOW I'm back in the saddle again since the last time didn't go so smoothly. It appears my technical issues are behind me with my new computer from Best Buy (always buy the service plan, boys and girls). Without further ado, away we go...

April 29th [The Pacific]
I've watched 7 eps of #ThePacific and still the most exciting part each week is the charcoal pencil getting splintered apart in the intro.
Having finished this miniseries now, I need to make a slight addendum to that statement. Yes, I was incredibly dulled by this show. I could not understand why the perspective was constantly jumping from different groups of characters when I hadn't been given a chance to care about any of them. Then during the show's final installment, a bio for each character was flashed up. Somehow I had forgotten that these were all real people and the events were entirely based on historical record. Then the pieces came together. If it were a pure work of fiction, The Pacific would have been a colossal failure. I still don't think it was great, but at least I can understand why the story followed its course in the manner it did.
However, I really was most enthralled by that charcoal pencil during the opening credits. As well put together as the battle effects were done, they simply did not pull me closer to the characters as those first few minutes of Saving Private Ryan did so many years ago. The Pacific is well-made, but certainly not a must-see.

April 30th [Party Down, Happy Town]
Man, I forgot how good #PartyDown can be.
A really great comedy that pretty much no one is watching. Martin Starr's Roman is the man, and my True Blood crush on Lizzy Caplan has become as big as they come for a totally different skill set she unleashes on Party Down. A third season is a pretty remote possibility, so I'm gonna enjoy this great little show while it lasts.
After the jump, you'll find if Happy Town measures up to Twin Peaks, one of the worst situations to watch The Office in, and how Lost spoiled the end of The West Wing for me.

"Thoroughly" and "unimpressed" come to mind after watching #HappyTown.
Even Merlin couldn't work his magic on this one.
I decided to watch this one because it kept getting compared to Twin Peaks. Having just watched two-thirds of TP in the last year, Happy Town didn't hold a candle to that classic David Lynch pilot. That pilot, despite being filmed about 20 years ago, grabs you instantly and doesn't let go until four or five eps into the second season. Sure, TP is very dated now, but it holds up. M.C. Gainey turned in another fine performance, but he was about it, even though some of my favorite television character actors peppered the screen. I'm especially sad for Amy Acker since she never seems to be able land a role that has any longevity, but I'm really glad this show has already been canceled. Twin Peaks, Happy Town was not.

May 6th [The Office]
It is not recommended to watch Dwight Schrute with your parents when he's gettin' busy on a thigh-master thingamajig.
Okay, so technically I never tweeted this, but my cpu was in Best Buy hell, so I jotted it down and am counting it. I think The Office has rebounded nicely this season, for the most part, over last year's lackluster effort. I do wish they'd ease up on the Jim and Pam stuff, though; I've had my fill of them. More Creed. More Andy. More Darryl. That's what I want. 
It's not what it was, but few other shows can hold their heads this high after six seasons.

May 12th [The West Wing, Lost]
I haven't gotten to the end of The West Wing yet, but I'm still kinda surprised that no one ever mentioned that CJ's plane crashes on an island in the finale.
Okay, so another not-really tweet. This one was a personal Facebook message, if you must know. It's stupid, but I like it anyway. Just proving that I was watching TV this whole time.
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