Tuesday, June 01, 2010

TV Tweets: May 23 - 31

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May 24th [Lost, Treme]
Can the haters at least agree that the last #Lost was better than the #Sopranos finale?
I've discussed this show enough in the last 10 days.

Those trailers were a haunting sight. LaDonna probably just moved to the top of my favorite #Treme storyline list after this week.
As expected, Treme continues to be excellent. I'm sure I'll change my mind on my favorite storyline soon enough. Khandi Alexander's heartbreaking performance as LaDonna is the Treme character du jour, but there's just too much good here to stay fixated on one element for too long. Wendell Pierce is lovable. Steve Zahn is electric. Lucia Micarelli is pure talent. Clarke Peters is inspiring. Kim Dickens is a joy. And John Goodman cusses like no other.

May 25th [American Idol]
RT @simonsam Goodbye, Simon Cowell. I'll think of you whenever I see a guy in a t-shirt acting like an asshole, which is pretty often.
After the jump, I say goodbye to 24, hello to Dexter, and am initially rendered speechless by Breaking Bad.

May 26th [24]
Goodbye, Jack Bauer.
While it was certainly time to say goodbye to 24 after eight seasons, I do so with great memories of seasons past. This will always be a show I will hold dearly which sounds ridiculous, I know. But I love it for a couple of reasons. First, because that initial season, which I caught on DVD, began my current obsession with modern television. It was the first show I found after finishing college and before finding employment, and it gave me my sanity during those aimless months. The second reason is my father. He and I watched every one of the first three seasons together, the first two on DVD in a two- or three-week marathon. They were impossible to stop watching when you had the next episode only a remote click away, still a new concept in 2003 before the DVR took over. For seasons four and five after I had left the next, he and I had weekly discussions on the show. But, as the show's originality ran out, so did those must-have 24 talks.That the show's more recent seasons haven't been as engaging or memorable doesn't tarnish the great memories he and I have for the great ones. Just saying the words "Jack Bauer" to each other still brings smiles to our faces. Do I need a Bauer adventure on the big screen? No, but that doesn't mean I don't want it to come out on Father's Day.

May 27th [Breaking Bad]
Just found out Rian Johnson directed this week's #BreakingBad. No wonder "Fly" was so fucking good.
Just a friggin' awesome single episode. Usually these tweets are an immediate reaction after watching the shows. Not this time. This one was a few days afterward, still stewing away in my head. Aside from the downright funny shit in that ep ("Gatorade me, bitch!"), it contained what I believe was a series-defining moment from Walt. Of course, I had a good friend who couldn't have been more dulled by it, so you'll just have to watch and judge for yourself.

May 31st [Dexter]

At the first opportunity, I will be making Masuka my wingman & Sgt. Doakes my lifecoach. In other news, I just finished season 1 of #Dexter.
Not as great as many people had made it out to be, but it was still good. I'll be watching season two soon enough.

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