Friday, August 20, 2010

TV Tweets: Aug. 14 - 20

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Aug. 19th [Louie]
I find it kinda creepy that each ep of #Louie finds a way to slightly mirror my life more than it did the week prior.
Okay, so I don't have kids, I've never done drugs and I love my mom, but damn, lots of situations on Louie really hit home with me.
I love it. 
Take this week's episode, titled "Bully." (Major spoilers for this particular episode follow, so some of you may want to skip ahead to the next portion of the article at the link below.) Louie is on a date with a woman way out of his league, but he's convincingly winning her over anyway with his humor, because we all know it's not his physique or what's left of that ginger hairline of his. In walks a group of rowdy high schoolers, who he yells at to be quiet. Things continue to look promising for the date. However, one kid walks over and eventually challenges Louie to a fight. Of course Louie doesn't fight him, but he backs down in such an overwhelmingly emasculating way, I wanted to bash my head in because I know there's a very good chance I'd do something similar. Seriously. Fight a teenager? Please. Now, maybe knowing there's woman across the table watching all of this would spring me into action, but if she weren't there, yeah, I'd let the kid run over me. However, Louie backs down, forever ruins his chances with the woman and is humiliated all at the same time. Then the next two-thirds of the episode unfold. Pure genius.
This new show from Louis C.K. is so fantastic, I'm happy Lucky Louie didn't catch fire during it's only season -- although it was rad, too. Oh, and the dude flipping off the camera in the foreground for a split second during the Louie intro is an added bonus each week. See if you can catch it before the censors do.
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Aug. 20th [Hung]
Wasn't really expecting the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to crop up in the escapades of Ray Drecker. #Hung
While it doesn't excel in any particular area, Hung manages to keep me coming back week after week, mainly because it continues to go beyond its guy-with-a-big-johnson premise I initially believed it to be about. (Do people still say "big johnson" since those shirts went away? Eh, I'm bringing it back.) The show explores American life amid the current financial recession by presenting the dichotomy between various forms of class, often with a perceived "have" going against a "have-not." These classes include emotional, intellectual, physical, moral, sexual, and monetarial aspects of suburban life in this country.
The addition of Lennie James as a veteran pimp espousing wisdom to Jane Adams' Tanya ("A ho always know it a ho.") has been especially fantastic this season. The show should also be applauded for openly questioning how Ray and Jessica (Anne Heche), who were high school royalty (which obviously carried over to middle-age royalty, at least physically), produced a set of -- shall we politely say -- average teenagers. It's these sort of questions, the answers to which often arrive at unexpected resolutions, and the sort of anything-goes freedom that is afforded a show on HBO that allows Hung to be as interesting as it is.

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