Friday, August 13, 2010

TV Tweets: Aug. 3 - 13

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Aug. 9th [True Blood, Mad Men]
Ho-hum. Another week, another f'ed up sex scene to end an episode of #TrueBlood.
He's on a horse.
As is no surprise, True Blood continues gettin' it on with its sexually explicit self, which is as it should be. Although the Beeeeel/Sookie reunion was nowhere near as over-the-top as the Bill/Lorena escapade earlier this season (mainly because there was nothing comparable to The Exorcist this time), it still left me with an uneasiness all the same.
Overall, I've been enjoying this season. The Sam storyline is super annoying and lame, but the rest are at least entertaining, which is really all I expect from this show. Give me crazy creatures doing ridiculous things to each other, and I'll continue to be happy.
After the jump, Mad Men rings in the new year, and the pieces of Rubicon get more interesting.

If I'm not mistaken, this week's ep of Mad Men was titled "The One Where Don, Lane and Half the Scotch in New York City Go to the Movies."
Don puttin' the moves on Mrs. Draper.
Okay, so this was not a tweet, but you can find a brief, instantaneous write-up I composed containing little substance after watching this past week's episode over on my tumblr page. Ignore the formatting, as I'm obviously still playing around with it for text. (I may start mixing these entries into the column. We'll see.)

Aug 12th [Rubicon]
Code breaking, weird baseball history, motorcycles. #Rubicon is slowly (very slowly) getting interesting.
Slow is the word. Tedious even. But I inexplicably am enjoying the beginnings of this show despite it's tepid pace. I could be very wrong, of course, but it does feel like it's going somewhere, although I'm not exactly sure where yet. Maybe I'm just in the mood for a conspiracy theory yarn. I won't recommend it outright yet, but pencil it onto your list of future viewing for now.

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