Friday, January 05, 2007

Newsflash -- LBM Quoted on Wasteland #5 Cover

Much to my surprise in this month's comics delivery, LowBrowMedia has been quoted on the rear cover to Oni Press' Wasteland #5. Mike and I had no idea this was going happen, but we are thankful to the folks at Oni for bestowing an up-and-coming site like this one with such an honor. This follows the two references of LBM in the blog section of Boom! Studios after they appeared in some our recent reviews, the first acknowledgements of the site from an outside source.
If you've come across our site by way of Boom! or Wasteland, welcome. Here at LowBrowMedia, we review comic books from all over the industry, not just Marvel and DC. We hold comics to a high standard. We want to tell you where a great story can be found, as well as where to avoid an underwhelming one. We try not to get too spoilery, and warn you if we do.
If there's something you want us to take a look at that we haven't reviewed yet, let us know in the comments section. I'm always looking for another great book, but my budget has its limits, so I can't pick up everything that looks tempting. However, a push from a devoted fan of comics certainly will spur me to find a copy.
Also, if you are a creator or a representative from a comic company and would like us to review your book, contact us at We can even post a review of it before the book is released if given ample time to read it.
On another quick note, I apologize for not posting in December, but the holidays got in the way. That said, discovering that our site is on the radar of members of the comic industry has inspired both Mike and I to take our little hobby to the next level. That means regular posting of reviews. I also hope to bring back my "Longbox" and "Graphic Novel Grab Bag" columns soon, which haven't been touched in some time, as well as some other ideas I've been toying with.
Happy New Year, everyone! We've certainly gotten off to a great start and hope you come back often in 2007.

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