Monday, January 25, 2010

TV Tweets: Jan. 18 - 24

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Jan. 21st [24, The Walking Dead]
  • You may be getting back into my good graces again, 24. Let's keep it up.

I hated 24 last year. It had become too predictable and overly ridiculous (even by 24 standards). I wasn't even sure I was going to watch this season. But the Bauer-ite of old won out, and I may be glad it did. Chole being back in the fold is a huge plus and the newbies are likable for the most part thus far (and I can't believe I'm not annoyed by Freddie Prinze, Jr). It could easily fall back into insanely predictable mode, but it hasn't gotten there severely yet.

I wasn't really captivated by the first six issues of the comic, but tons of people I know love this series. Mike is one of them; maybe he can chime what makes it great in the comments. Frank Darabont is no hack, so it sounds like it's in good hands, plus AMC has an amazing track record, the lone exception being The Prisoner remake.

Jan. 22nd [Torchwood]

Still wondering, btw.

Jan. 23rd [The Office, 30 Rock]
  • Really? A clip show? And not even a particularly good one. #TheOffice

For shame, The Office. For shame.

  • "Your neighbors named their daughter Belichick."

At least something good finally came out Jack's high-school-sweetheart storyline. I was dying after that one. Any time you can mock the Pats is okay in my book. Definitely not enough to bump it up to the Salma Hayek one from last year.
30 Rock is still pretty damn funny, although I don't think I've been laughing as much as I had been the past two seasons. I'll come back to this in a few weeks if I figure out why.

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