Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TV Tweets: Nov. 13 - Jan. 11

Again, apologies with the severe lateness of this post, but the technical difficulties stretched far and wide, affecting my computer and television setups. That seems to be behind me now, so on with the show. Plus, TV has been on a hiatus for awhile, but is slowly coming back this week.

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Nov. 13th [Torchwood]
  • Wowsers! Torchwood: Children of Earth is one of the best pieces of sci-fi ever. Happily, I found this news afterward. http://bit.ly/1o97Sh
Dammit. I was so delighted with my Best of '09 List, and then a couple days later I finally start going back into the tweet vaults, I find this reference.
Not sure how I forgot about it, but I might have named this the best TV show of the year if I did it over. Children of Earth is superb. Torchwood really needed this long-range focus of one fully developed story looked at from virtually every angle possible. It takes the sci-fi version of the grand dilemma of choosing between the needs of the many and the needs of the few, so famously presented in Wrath of Khan, to the greatest depth I can recall. Word is they're going to make more, so yippee!

Nov. 23
[Twin Peaks]
  • I know it's a David Lynch creation so I shouldn't be surprised, but WHAT THE FUCK is going on after 5 eps of Twin Peaks?
So I finished season 1 because, although very bizarre and dated, Twin Peaks is still pretty engaging. But I've been majorly struggling to get to the fifth ep of season 2. Knowing that it doesn't really go anywhere is disheartening. (Btw, the scene which freaked me out so much was the one with old Agent Cooper and the midget talking in backwards German or whatever the hell was going on there. Such fantastic confusion.)

Dec. 4th
[Sons of Anarchy]
Season 2 was a big upgrade over last year. Not the best show on out there, by any means, but I always enjoy it. Looking forward to more.

Dec. 19th
[The Prisoner (2009)]
  • Finally got through new #ThePrisoner mini. My thoughts on it? Meh.
Jan. 2nd [Friday Night Lights]
  • I'm hoping that Tink will be the bigger, blacker Landry Clarke next season. #FridayNightLights
I'm quite proud of this prognosis, thank you very much.

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