Monday, January 18, 2010

TV Tweets: Jan. 12 - 17

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Jan. 12th [Big Love]
  • Dang. Somehow I forgot about what happened to Roman last season. #BigLove
Really I just watch this show in hopes it spins off into The Lois and Wanda Crazy-Lady Hour. You listenin', HBO?
(Warning: Google-imaging "big," "love," and a woman's name is only recommended when at home, and then only at your own risk.)

Jan. 16th [Fringe]
  • Two eps of #Fringe aired this week. One was very blah, other was kinda meh even though Astrid had her big fro back. Better luck next week.
The first created much confusion amongst the Fringe faithful and a text-message fight with a friend of mine. It turned out to be an unaired episode from last season. Good job of giving us no explanation, FOX. The second of the week was largely unremarkable, though clearly better on an individual level than a lot of what we got in season 1, after the early-week reminder.

Jan. 17th [Powers]
Obviously, there's nothing to see yet, but any news about adapting Powers into a TV show is great news in my book. For the uninitiated, Powers is a police procedural comic book set in a world with rampant superpowers by Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Kinda like NYPD Blue meets Heroes before it completely sucked and forced me to stop watching (sorry; Heroes rant over).
Dream casting: Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) as Deena Pilgrim. Jon Hamm (Mad Men) as Christian Walker. Hamm will never happen, but I'll hold out hope that Sackhoff could.FX is a great network for it to land on since they take a few more risks than most. This could really make a great television show, so I hope it happens.
[This retweet was courtesy of the official, real, actual Brian Michael Bendis]

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