Monday, February 08, 2010

TV Tweets: Feb. 1 - 7

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Feb. 3rd [LOST]
My hope for this season is that they finally explain why Sawyer's hair was short in the pilot and long in all other flashbacks/forwards, etc
Yes, out of all the things I could want to be addressed in the final season of LOST, this is the issue that I want explained most. Yes, I am an idiot.

But, hey! They used a Lazarus Pit on prime-time television! How cool was that? Okay, just me.

Feb. 4th [Big Love]
How could you throw that perfectly crafted flat-top under the bus like that, Bill Henrickson?
This episode drove me mad. Bill has got to be the most unsympathetic lead character I can think of on a tv show. This isn't like Don Draper seducing you into liking him despite your better judgment. No, Bill Henrickson is that Jerry Falwell kind of evil, which I find much more dangerous. In any event,
I'm openly rooting against him on all cylinders now after the bullshit he pulled.

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