Monday, February 15, 2010

TV Tweets: Feb. 8 - 14

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Feb. 8th [LOST, Fringe]
I may regret saying this, but I'm enjoying the execution of the alternate realities on #Fringe way more than on #Lost right now.
There's plenty of time for LOST to correct this, but I am not enjoying these flash-sideways. If it turns out that they are the final "reality," I'll feel incredibly cheated. Those showrunners best not negate the first five seasons with this bull. Meanwhile, Fringe is hinting at not just two realities, but a full-blown multiverse and handling it well. However, just as LOST could remedy their parallel-universe conundrum, Fringe still has plenty of time to ruin theirs.

Feb. 11th [Chuck]
#CHUCK fans, I know you're angry, but don't you see not watching your low-rated show on purpose will only kill it?
After the few times I've watched Chuck, I've determined it's not for me. But I can identify with its small, rabid following wanting its two main characters to hook up, especially considering the very real possibility that it fails to get a renewal for a third season. The comments section for a post at What's Alan Watching? (linked in the tweet) started a firestorm in Chuck fandom this past week, calling for those dissatisfied with Chuck and Sarah each pursuing other people romantically to watch the show via Hulu or DVR rather than the normal airtime on NBC (sucks to be you, Lana Lang). The rather obvious flaw in this plan is that the Chuck ratings will drop, and I feel a network suit is more likely to cut its loses with the show rather and cancel it than merely bring it back just in the hopes that it strikes gold by pandering to its tiny, furious audience. Back to the drawing board, kiddos.

Feb. 12th [Friday Night Lights]
It's amazing that #FridayNightLights can still keep me in suspense with those end-of-the-season games on the fourth go-round.
Season 4 ended quite well, with plenty of issues lingering for the next football season in Dillon, Texas. There's a lot I want to say about the season and show as a whole, so keep an eye out for a special post on FNL, hopefully later in the week.

Feb. 14th [Breaking Bad]
Heard too many good things, so I finally started up #BreakingBad last night. More drama than I was expecting, but some good crime scenarios.
I finished the seven-episode first season of last night, and violence, hilarious and gut-wrenching all come to mind. Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle) is a high school chemistry teacher who resorts to making crystal meth with a former student in order to provide for his family amid a laundry list of impending life complications. This show alternates between laugh-out-loud comedy to touching poignancy with bursts of gunplay and fisticuffs inbetween. Cranston's Walt White utilizes his knowledge of the periodic table for acts of crime and dubious heroism simultaneously. Another fine piece of AMC programming. You'll probably see more of my thoughts on the show when season 3 starts up next month.

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