Monday, February 01, 2010

TV Tweets: Jan. 25 - 31

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Jan. 27th [Mad Men]

Only click on the above link if you are not concerned with spoilers for Mad Men season 4.
I think I've always had an inkling that this was going to happen. Fortunately, Jon Hamm's SNL monologue from this weekend made up for it. Sort of.

Jan. 29th [Human Target]
  • While certainly not the best show out there, #HumanTarget is just plain, over-the-top fun propelled by a very good cast. I like it.

Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley are hilarious on this show, and probably kept me around longer than I would've otherwise. Plus, what a friggin' awesome title sequence!
Both the art and song are really impressive. (Just looked it up, and Bear McCreary wrote the song, so no wonder.) The second and third eps were much better than the pilot, so who knows? Maybe it'll actually stop standing on implausible action sequences, even by TV-action-show standards, and find its legs.

Jan. 31st [Caprica]
  • Man, it is SO good to hear "frak" again on tv.

I probably should've re-watched the pilot last week because I was pretty sketchy on what went down in the BSG prequel when I Netflixed it in the spring. Despite that, this new episode took a very bold turn as it wrapped up, so I'm excited to see what comes next.

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