Monday, March 01, 2010

TV Tweets: Feb. 15 -28

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Feb. 23rd [Supernatural]
All caught up with #Supernatural. Finally.
I consider the continuing adventures of the brothers Winchester the most severely
underrated show on the tube. I got really behind this time around, and I'm not sure why because it gets a little better with each season. Not being a big horror buff, I find some episodes legitimately creepy since I'm not desensitized to it. What I come back for are love/hate brother relationship, the deep-seeded daddy issues and the monster/ghost slaying, not to mention the classic rock soundtrack, the obnoxiously loud Impala and the fact the show never takes itself too seriously.
Now in year five, Supernatural has delved deeper into it's literal Holy War it began last
year. We've always known there was a Hell after the litany of deamons strewn across the U.S. in the Supernatural-verse, but with last season's introduction of angels, my inner John Milton nut is immersed in pure bliss. Certainly not the best show out there, but it's mythology is tightly constructed and it'll be back for a sixth season. In other words, it's worth catching up on if you're behind.

Feb. 27th [Red Riding Trilogy]
Part 2 of #RedRiding Trilogy: Wow. Just... wow.
It first aired on the BBC and then IFC in the States, so I'm counting it as a television show. Kinda unfair to most other tv to do so though. Expect a full review when I watch the final installment. In the interim: this is an outstandingly executed project thus far. Can't wait to sink my teeth into the last bit.

Feb. 28th [
Is it safe to assume that Ron Moore is a big fan of Mafia Wars? #Caprica
Just saying...

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