Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TV Tweets: March 8-21

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March 17th [Lost]
So weird to see Sawyer and Liz Lemon hanging out, and on a beach no less! #Lost
That broad looked like Tina Fey. Seriously. To the point where my roomie and I debated if it was actually her guest appearing for a bit. Kinda figured it wasn't her when Sawyer pulled his gun on her and she quipped, "That's a dealbreaker!"
March 18th [Justified]
Damn, that was lots 'o racist rednecks gettin' pwned on #Justified. Jonny like.
This show has some serious promise. Aside from the ass-kicking, modern-day western goodness going on and the excellent casting of minor characters from other shows I enjoy (notably Walter Goggins from The Shield and Natalie Zea from Hung), the final scene in the pilot is what really gave me hope for the longevity of the show.

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