Monday, March 08, 2010

TV Tweets: March 1-7

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March 1st [Smallville]
I was not aware that Speedy was added to the ranks of #Smallville this season. Yes, I'm catching up with another CW show.
Clark finally got a costume.
In it's ninth season, Smallville may finally be becoming something I'm not a little ashamed to admit I watch. They're finally embracing the superhero aspects of the DCU and letting the Clark/Lois romance blossom. The writers have begun making a little bit of sense of the unexplained messes created during earlier seasons, while cherry picking some of the best elements of the Supes canon to mix in. I think a great example is the inclusion of Mia (Speedy #2), which never would have happened a few years ago. She begins as a teenage prostitute, after all, and they didn't shy away from it too much. Later in the season we get another big superhero team-up on the show (I'll probably have something to say about it once I see it), which led to the news this week that there will be a tenth season. I wouldn't have been particularly happy to type that two years ago.

March 2nd [Big Love]
"These Boots Are Made For Walking" and....ALBY?!?!?! Also, that had to be the most intense game of tetherball ever filmed. #BigLove

March 6th [Parenthood]
So nice to see Lauren Graham on tv again, as she is as smokin' hot and talented as ever. #Parenthood
I guess the reputation of the cast made me want to check out this new dramedy, because it's not something I'd immediately gravitate to. It was a good pilot. I'm a little worried that it may become more drama than comedy, but as long as they maintain the balance, this may be a new addition to my weekly roster. But I really only tweeted about it because I wanted to post a pic of Lauren Graham. 
Mission accomplished.

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