Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TV Tweets: Oct. 19 - 26

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Oct. 20th [Curb Your Enthusiasm]
  • I was just thinking about Wheelchair Wendy and how much trouble I would ever get in if I lost my phone.
Ever enter someone in your phone as a name that isn't their actual name? Yeah, me too. Every ep of Curb follows the same formula -- introduce something seemingly insignificant in the first five minutes, move on to other hilarity for the next 20, and then cycle back to it in the final minute. When this show works, like last week's "Denise Handicapped," you've completely forgotten about the first five minutes and it slaps you upside your head right before that tuba plays along with the credits. This was the most well-executed example thus far in season 7.

Oct. 23rd [CNBC's Squawk on the Street, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia]
  • Damn, I just heard some old man on CNBC refer to French people as FROGS.
That kinda blew my mind. I know it's racism at maybe it's least interesting (does anyone really care about offending the French?), but a racist comment nonetheless. Just did a quick Google News search and there was nothing about it anywhere, so I might be the only person who even noticed. Worst part -- Erin Burnett had the day off, so I was left to look at him after he said it.
  • 'Nother good Always Sunny this week, which reminds me from last -- Milksteak.
This hilarious show is so random, I find it very hard to isolate something to create discourse on, thus I don't write about it much. But, any time Charlie starts yelling, I'm a happy man.

Oct. 25th [Dollhouse]
  • Dang. Still the lesser of all the Whedon series, but this week's Dollhouse sure went to places I don't think any the others could have. A+
I was very wrong about Topher. He is not Andrew with social skills. His growing conscience is very intriguing.

Oct. 26th [Mad Men]
  • "And who are you supposed to be?" Don Draper's house of cards is falling.
I'm kinda upset that they FINALLY write some amazing, pro-Roger material this season, and then go ahead and drop the bomb you were expecting not to blow until the season finale. Obviously, Don literally breaking down is all I can think about now. Mr. Hamm, I believe you sealed up next year's Emmy with this week's performance. I can't believe I'm this excited for a drama that is completely sci-fi free, but I am.

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