Monday, October 05, 2009

TV Tweets: Sept. 28 - Oct. 5

Hey, look! A new feature at LowBrowMedia!
Welcome to the inaugural installment of "TV Tweets," where I'll re-post any television-related tweets from the last week.
I've found that TV is a tricky medium to include in my other articles, and I feel as though Twitter is a better way to monitor it 1.) because it'll immediately align with the ever-changing flow of episodic stories, 2.) I watch too many shows to write something thorough on even a few of them weekly, and 3.) the comments have to be to the point with only 140 characters to work with, which is good for me since I'm in constant danger of going on needlessly. I may expand on what was posted on the initial entry if I feel it's warranted.
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Sept. 28th [FlashForward]
  • Don't think I'll be watching more #FlashForward until it stops trying to be Lost. Unexplained crash? Random animal? Desmond's Penny? C'mon.
Sept. 29th [Bored to Death, Mad Men]
  • The Bored to Death pilot was superb. I may start myself on a regimen of white wine now.
I loved this show. I have NO idea who this Jonathan Ames dude is, but it's pretty clear he is the shit. That was definitely one of the best pilots I've ever seen. Plus, Zach Galifianakis has been on such a roll lately; you can only hope he gets a bit more screen time.
Who in the hell saw THAT coming? Two weeks in a row, Mad Men continues to shock.

Sept. 30th [Curb Your Enthusiasm]
Who needs the Seinfeld cast? The Black Family somehow improved this show when they showed up last season, and I'm elated that JB Smoove in particular is back again.

Oct. 5th [Dollhouse]
  • All caught up with Dollhouse; pretty decent so far early in the season.
I'm glad this show is turning the corner. It'll be nice to see if they ever tie it to the DVD-exclusive episode from season one that shows a dystopic future. Also very interesting to see Jamie Bamber get to use his real accent in the first episode. Not sure if he's a good actor yet though.

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