Monday, October 12, 2009

TV Tweets: Oct. 5 - 12

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Oct. 5th [Mad Men]
  • "By golly, you are an indecently lucky man." -- Conrad Hilton
Every time he comes on screen, I want Don to screw him over somehow so friggin' Paris will never exist. Then I realize I'm only watching TV and calm down. Sort of.

Oct. 6th [Curb Your Enthusiasm]
I can only imagine how funny this line would've been if I had known about it beforehand, and I was on the floor when it was delivered. Check out the link to find out more.

Oct. 9th [The Office]
  • Very disappointed that The Office parodied the Chris Brown wedding dance thing, even though they mocked it to make it seem less lame.
I actually re-watched this ep again tonight. That wedding rehearsal dinner speech is now officially the second-most, eye-stabbingly awkward sequence ever put on film (after that answering machine debacle in Swingers, of course).

Oct. 10th [Fringe]
  • Fringe finally gives answers! And in typical JJ Abrams fashion, those answers only created more questions.

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