Friday, April 16, 2010

First Heard in Spring 2010 - "Spring Hopes"

Winter is over. It's no longer so cold as to burn your face off, and not yet hot enough to burn your face off. That means it's time to take to the streets and strut around with your headphones, making grand plans and basking in the renewing world. This mix went through a few drafts. The first was a non-stop compilation of strutting songs, the aural equivalent of sunshine on your face and piss and vinegar in your veins. Then I got more abstract in my definition of spring and started thinking about driving at night and the act's simultaneous mix of exhilarating intimacy and melancholic isolation. Then I saw an arc. I decided to structure this mix as a spring day. Big Star is like a rooster's crow transposed onto acoustic guitar leading into Sam Prekop's "C+F," an early morning pump-up song as delicate as a breeze. Neko Case is an afternoon nap, Bibio captures the feeling of heading out on the town. "Pablo and Andrea" is perhaps the quintessential soundtrack for end-of-the-party reflection. And then you're alone again with your thoughts, and with Karen Dalton before she was homeless.

001 Big Star - Watch The Sunrise
002 Sam Prekop - C+F
003 Wilco - I'm Always In Love
004 Emitt Rhodes - Fresh As A Daisy
005 The Modern Lovers - Modern World
006 Darwin Deez - DNA
007 Neko Case - Knock Loud
008 Love - Wonder People (I Do Wonder)
009 Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue
010 Savoir Adore - Space Travel
011 Todd Rundgren - Wolfman Jack
012 Goldfrapp - Rocket
013 Salem - It's Only You (Part II)
014 Yo La Tengo - Pablo And Andrea
015 Karen Dalton - Something On Your Mind


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