Monday, April 05, 2010

TV Tweets: March 29 - April 4

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April 3rd [Fringe]
Thank you, sir; may I have another? JJ must've decided to get involved in TV again; first Richard Alpert & now Walter-nate Bishop. #Fringe
I think it's safe to say this week was the best episode thus far of Fringe. Many of the same aspects that made Lost so fantastic two weeks ago were accomplished here as well, primarily getting real answers about these great characters. The main difference being that these answers have laid the foundation for many more plotlines since we now have a concrete history base to move forward upon instead of being a piece to wrap up the massive narrative puzzle of Lost. I wish they'd have given us some of that info earlier, but we're getting it now. And John Noble certainly was at the top of his game this time out.

After the jump, read up on the dreamers and schemers of How To Make It In America and the new crew for Doctor Who.

April 4th [How To Make It In America, Doctor Who]
I need the dolla, dolla; the dolla is what i need.
Finally got around to burning through the new How To Make It In America series thus far, and I'm glad I did. While hard not to compare this to Entourage since the many of the behind-the-scenes people are responsible for it as well, that shouldn't keep you away from it. Although still in the process of finding its legs, it has a ton of very likable underdog characters and has largely strayed away from the slapstick comedy that Entourage dwells in too often these days, instead towing closer to reality. It'll probably never achieve greatness, but being in the same age bracket as the principal characters really makes me pull for their success amid their dreams and schemes. And it's got Luis Guzman as a major player, which equals awesome.
Btw, that tweet is from the show's theme song (by Aloe Blacc), and I can't get it out of my head. Incredibly infectious.

Based on the season opener, I think I'm REALLY going to dig the Steven Moffat/Matt Smith #DoctorWho.
I wasn't too worried about David Tennant leaving the role of the Doctor. After all, he was the tenth man to take on the character. However, I was fearful of Russel T. Davies moving on. He made Doctor Who a show that matters again, and his departure could be detrimental. However, based on the first new ep with the Eleventh Doctor (played by Matt Smith), Steven Moffat could be the real deal. He forged a great re-entry point for the character. It took me half a season to accept Tennant, but I'm already on board with Smith. And new companion Amy Pond is easily the hottest one cast since the show's relaunch. Karen Gillian doesn't seem to be just a pretty face; I'd put her right up there with Freema Agyeman's Martha Jones on the instant likability scale. But the greatest key to the show's success will be thrusting us into grandiose science fiction tales mixed with sly goofiness that the new Doctor Who always seems to get away with. Thus far, they're again succeeding completely.
All that said, I'm still not sure how I feel about the bow tie.

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