Sunday, April 18, 2010

Longbox Special: Under Siege

Instead of book tie-ins this week Marvel graced comic stands with three one shot books, each focusing on different players in the siege on Asgard.

Siege: Loki #1 was the most story expanding book of the three this week.  From the beginning it was known that Loki was pulling the strings, pushing Osborn to take down Asgard.  However, there was always the questions of how and why he would see it through.
We see Loki speaking to Osborn through the Goblin mask, creating the initial cracks in Norman’s already tenuous hold on his sanity.  Loki then moves on to secure the service of the Disir, monsters just recently seen in New Mutants.  With proof of the Disir, Loki moves to strike a deal with Hela, which he seals in a three-way agreement between the two two gods and Mephisto.  To what end?  Why, absolute freedom from destiny of course.
Siege: Captain America #1 dealt with Bucky and Steve and just how long it takes to resolve the Captain America issue.  Ever since Steve Rogers came back there’s been some argument over who should wear the mantle of Captain America.
The thing I had to keep reminding myself of was that Steve has only been back for a short amount of time relative to the whole Siege event, but it just feels like Bucky has been going on and on about the whole thing for forever.  However, this time around it is all internal dialogue as Bucky and Steve are called to help a man whose family is trapped in the rubble of Asgard.  Both Captains and their points of view are juxtaposed by their responses to the crisis at hand and how they handle the addition of a super villain to the situation.
Siege: Young Avengers #1 takes a look at a group of unseasoned heroes and how they’re reacting in the dust of Asgard’s fall.  In the wake of the destruction, the team of Young Avengers has been separated and a rescue effort has begun.  Two are trapped, two face off against the Wrecking Crew, and another is working his ass off to be a hero.
Wiccan and Hulkling survey the destruction and Wiccan opens up a bit to his alien boyfriend about his Norse fanboy history and why it is the siege has wounded him a bit deeper than one would think.  While searching the ruins come across the Wrecking Crew looting the place and the obligatory beat down begins.  Elsewhere, Patriot and Hawkeye (the non-Bullseye, female version) are trapped under tons of rubble with little air and lots of hormones.  Finally, Speed is out and about trying to rescue as many as he can while looking for his buried teammates.  His efforts are only hindered by his own need to overdo himself.  In the end, he receives some encouraging words from Ronin.
I was surprised that I enjoyed these three books as much as I did.  However, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that the books are well written, pulling the talents of some good writers.  These feel like they could have been easy, throw away chapters written over a weekend by a staff intern.  Mind you, they weren’t excellent works of staggering genius, but they certainly add to the Siege experience.  I’ll just be happy when the whole Captains America thing gets resolved.

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