Monday, April 26, 2010

TV Tweets: April 5 - 25

So, yeah. I've been slacking. Hope to be back on track again, so here's three weeks worth of tweets for ya. I'll try to make it snappy.
April 7th [Breaking Bad, Lost, Parenthood]
Has there ever been a show with more intentionally self-destructive people than #BreakingBad? No, #AsTheWorldTurns does not count.
Breaking Bad -- home to bald bad-asses.
Skylar is the obvious one to hate for what she's been up to...but Hank! Hank, who seemed so disposable the first time he appeared on screen as the annoying brother-in-law in season one is such a brilliantly complex character. I don't think it'd be possible to predict what has happened to him. This show blows my mind each week, and I'm particularly enjoying how they've given us some flashbacks this season to fill in the blanks, however minor they might ultimately prove to be.

Is it possible not to love the Desmond episodes? Toss in some Daniel Faraday, and it becomes a sure-fire, can't miss 45 minutes.
There can never be too much Desmond, which is why they don't give us enough of him.
Desmond getting his awesome on.

After the jump, I discuss the uncomfortable sexual chemistry going on in Parenthood, what not to do during an episode of Fringe, the vampires, werewolves and ghosts (oh my!) on Being Human, why you can sue me over Glee, and add to the praise already hailed upon Treme.

Since I'm on a question kick, is it a rule that a Lauren Graham character must start dating her daughter's teacher in season 1 of a show?
A few weeks later, and I'm still watching Parenthood, but I'm not sure how good it really is. I think the cast is bringing me back each week because they're very likable for the most part, but the plots are entering dullsville already. Dax Shepard and Erika Christensen have a lot of sexual chemistry -- unfortunately they are playing siblings, and it's starting to creep me out a little.

April 10th [Fringe, Being Human]
Note to self: eating and #Fringe do not mix.
Robocop's still got it.
Eventually, I will learn this.
Meanwhile, Fringe has become downright amazing over the past month with excellent efforts, including a time-traveling Peter Weller. This is easily my favorite sci-fi show now, and it may start ranking even higher on my lists if it keeps this level of quality up.

Series 1 of #BeingHuman was some good shit. Can't wait for SyFy to f it up.
The cowardly werewolf.
So a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost start living together in a flat. Take it upon yourself to add your own punchline, but that's the setup of this British offering. It's a bit uneven at times, but overall I enjoyed it. I'm adding the second series to my summer watching list (joining Modern Family and Dexter), so you'll hear more from me on it eventually.
In related news, SyFy has an American version of this coming out. I'm not sure what an American perspective can add, but they'd have to be completely incompetent to ruin all the good laid out by the Brits. We shall see.

April 14th [Glee]
OMG!!! #GLEE WAS BACK ON TONIGHT!!! (right. just remembered i don't care.)
Never watched it. Probably never will. Doesn't seem like my cuppa, and I only hash-marked it in a feeble attempt to get extra traffic to the site. Sue me.

April 15th [Treme]
#Treme was just... beautiful.
Me loving David Simon's new show is probably the least-surprising thing I've revealed on this site thus far in 2010, but that doesn't mean it isn't brilliant. Google it; you'll find plenty of more respected reviewers tell you the same thing. 
While it's great to see actors from The Wire again (especially the Bunk), there's a little part of me that's scared I'm just in love with their old roles and not the new ones. Only a little part, though. 
Also, I am captivated by the music (btw, if you don't like music, you probably won't like this show because it's ever-present). The placement of Louis Prima's "Buona Sera" was brilliant in the pilot.
And thank the maker for giving Steve Zahn a real character to play. I've liked him as the comic relief guy in just about everything I've seen him in (even some of those shit movies), but his take on perpetually-down-on-his-luck, music-obsessed Davis is bliss.
"Everyone, I apologize for Saving Silverman. Hope Treme makes up for it."
Plus, HBO has already renewed the show for season two, saving me the trouble of devolving into "HOW COULD THEY NOT REVIEW THIS AWESOME FUCKING SHOW!" rants in a few weeks.
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