Sunday, April 11, 2010

Longbox Special: Under Siege

Hey everyone!  Miss me?  I took a bit of a holiday last week what with Easter and the light reading week that it was for Siege.  All the same, I started working on an entry for this thread but it never came to fruition.  So here I am to assault your eyes and good sense with an abuse of the English language.  It’s almost like it’s..

Last week’s entries were both of the indirect tie-in nature and were both of the character piece trends.
New Mutants #11 is kind of a confusing entry into the fray of this event simply because it really is only serving as a filler book to go between the Necrosha event and Second Coming.  It’s another character piece that doesn’t much advance the story of the book itself and plays as a stand alone episode.
Way back during the Dark Reign/Utopia fiascos, Dani Moonstar went to Hela, the Norse goddess of death, to regain her powers as a Valkyrie to fight off Norman Osborn’s forces that were threatening the new mutant homeland.  Well, this issue, Hela calls in the favor owed her and sends Dani out to gather the dead at the siege of Asgard.  What Dani doesn’t know is that Hela is sending her there for a reason; to protect the fallen from Disir, Norse demons that feast on the souls of the dead.  During the conflict, we learn that Tyr isn’t as dead as we were lead to believe and that Hela isn’t the bad guy she’s usually portrayed to be.
All in all, this was a nice stand alone piece but still one that is not essential to the larger picture of the Siege event.  Dani is the only one of the New Mutants that sees any action here and so it might have just served them to do a Moonstar one shot book but this was probably more cost effective and didn’t burden the writer with having to come up with something for just one issue with Second Coming set to occupy the X-Books for a bit.
Dark Wolverine #84 wraps up Daken’s involvement with the Norns and the title’s tie-in with Siege.  Previously we’ve seen that the Norns have been trying to manipulate Daken for their own needs and to lead him to being an engine for Ragnarok.  Most of what’s been at stake has been Daken’s sense of agency, his own free will.
This books plays itself out pretty well within the context of the conflict and puts Daken at odds with another psychopath, Bullseye.  Daken is inserted into a reality where his forces are burning and he plays at being a hero-type to little effectiveness.  The read itself is a little hard to follow but is presented in a brilliant fashion with some well written dialogue and gorgeous art.  I have to admit, I also really liked the scene where Daken gives Bullseye a pretty intense kiss.
Again, this book was a good read albeit a hard one to follow at times.  This issue also wraps up things with the title’s involvement with Siege.  I’m wondering if they’ll be turning the book back over to Wolverine proper once things have settled after Siege of if they’ll continue to follow Daken.  He certainly has enough to carry himself for a bit in a limited series at least.

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